In a time when the average human attention span is 8 seconds, your information needs to be rewarding and meet your audience swiftly.

Dealing with a bot is closer to a conversation than filling out a form. They know what questions to ask and offer suggestions based on previous decisions made by the user, and directs them to the desired outcome. It’s all done in a natural and pleasant manner. A bot simply puts a smile on your face.

Your chatbot comes embedded with a landing page matching your brand, and a short URL which is easy to share and remember. Track your chatbot’s conversations in real-time and receive traffic reports on a weekly basis or at the end of your campaign.

Our bots work on all devices and browsers without the need of any downloads. Our full service includes the bot’s visual design and conversational flow, short URL, QR code, real-time statistics, social media optimization and unlimited amount of users and leads.


When the message is captivating and rewarding, your target audience will perform the desired call to action.

Bluevir implemented an industry-first public transit AR campaign in Helsinki area buses. Seatback stickers with AR markers worked as a portal to another dimension, where the client’s products are raining from the sky and players have to catch them.

Players could follow their score on a real-time scoreboard, and a prize was raffled between the top scorers.

During this two week campaign, the AR application was downloaded 9450 times and opened 22 600 times, with individual games played a stunning 82 000.

Our latest AR project involved a Guitar Hero style game for Ed Sheeran, to celebrate his twin concerts in Finland. The prizes between all players were a meet and greet with Ed Sheeran himself, and two tickets to his concert.

Watch a video of Finland’s first AR public transport campaign: