Make your city more accessible than ever before. We gather all services and activities in the city to a simple and user-friendly web application, where customized chatbots offer guidance and suggestions. The guide is your modern way of gathering all relevant information in one place for locals and tourists to know exactly where they are and what to do. Whether it’s restaurants, cultural sights, activities or public transport, it’s all just a click away on your guide.

All information about the city’s public and private services, including pastime activities and feedback channels are fused together and inserted into a set of smart guide bots. The guide service is a modern way of serving the public, as chatbots are always available and know the quickest way to a solution. Based on a 2018 research chatbots can save up to 30% of an organization’s customer service budget, and quicken the answering time to common questions by 80%. Our service excels when a user needs assistance getting around the city – tourists and locals know exactly where they are, where to go and how to get there.

Users are not required to make any downloads. The service is accessible through a custom short URL and QR code. Our bots do not collect personal data, only answers to questions and visitor traffic analytics.

See a live example of our guide service for the City of Turku (